If you’re looking for the “about us” section, this is it!

Who decided that every website should have an “about” tab, and why do companies continue to follow that lead? Marketers love to talk about change and shifts, so here’s to shift and doing things differently!

Being a bit of an outsider in the communications business has long been my strongest asset. Having stumbled into this crazy and fascinating world, I wasn’t aware of the things not do do…I just followed my gut instinct.  The combination of being part anthropologist and = equal parts therapist, forensic detective, cheerleader, evangelist, muse, storyteller, cat herder, planner, engineer and caboose has been the key to my success in making businesses and brands household names.

Being told “you can’t do that; it’s not AP STYLE” or “that will never happen” simply fueled the fire of my fearless approach to making things happen. It was an instinctive approach to defining elements of a brand that would translate to customer interaction and affinity.

You know what else I’ve never understood? It’s how communicators fall prey to industry gibberish and cliché. We must never forget that we use words, along with audio and visual stimulus, to transcend the vehicles used to convey what we want to sell.  I have told co-workers many a time that our clients don’t want to hear about wire frames, research, how we will build the site, plan or staff the account, but do they “get” granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, walk-in closets and a man cave. It’s that simple; tell them what you can deliver, and you will capture their imagination. Deliver on that and you have a client that respects your authority and trusts in the process.

Melissa Stevens

President Stevens Group