There are copywriters and there are storytellers. Melissa Stevens is an incredible blend of both resulting in genuine interest, comfort and connection between the audience and the brand on all levels by carefully crafting the right brand voice. Listen to her!
– Royce Ring

I really enjoy working with Melissa on special events. She is a great coordinator and makes sure her clients get results via media coverage and exposure.
– Michael Garfield, The High-Tech Texan

I’ve worked with HUNDREDS of marketing and public relations people during my fabulous journalism career in Houston. Melissa Stevens is Number One. She instinctively makes the smart move. Just as important, she’s easy to work with, always on top of the job and, this is important, on time. Above everything else, she makes my job easier, and that’s what this is really about.
– Ken Hoffman

In the oh-so-trendy world of food and restaurants, there are the Real Deals and then there are the Emperor’s New Clothes. The latter restaurants are becoming more and more common, even if seldom more likely to stick around than they were in the past. As a veteran journalist, what I love about working with Melissa is that she knows the Real Deal when she tastes it and is able to express clearly and concisely what makes it so. It’s fun to enjoy (and cover) the Real Deal restaurants with Melissa and leave the Emperor’s New Clothes to somebody else.
– John DeMers, cookbook author and host of Delicious Mischief radio show in Houston, Dallas and Austin