Being bold, fresh and fun has been my mantra. As a communicator with 20+ years in the business.  I’ve seen many changes in the industry and had the good fortune to work with some smart people. Really smart people. Some got me while others never did, yet always staying true to the voice in my head – what I know will work have been my not-so secret weapons. That’s not saying I never had a misstep. When I heard myself being referred to as a “suit,” I knew it was time to find the door to the fun house again because suits tend to be to safe – and safe doesn’t get talked about.

You may be thinking this all sounds good but what have I worked on and with whom? Yes, we all need some sort of safety device as we hurtle down our paths. A few questions I’ve answered over the years include the FAQs: (HINT: yes can do all – and yes the results were a success!)

  • Can you take my brand national?
  • Can you launch my product and influence buying habits?
  • Have you ever built a start- up or worked with a Fortune 500 company?
  • Have you created plans that incorporate all marketing disciplines?
  • What about business development – will your agency provide new revenue strategy?
  • Will you develop a retailer plan that can get our product on the shelves?
  • I am opening multiple franchise units in a market. Can we get a marketing/social media plan?
  • I didn’t think we needed a crisis plan. There is a hurricane in the gulf. What can you do?
  • Our CEO will be speaking at an international conference.  Is speechwriting a skill set?
  • My company may be going public in the next several years. Can you build our reputation?
  • Have you coordinated street teams and product placement?
  • The “brand” has been diluted. Will you take us to the next level?
  • Can you work with another agency?



~ Melissa Stevens