Melissa Stevens


Melissa Stevens prides herself on being the type of person you want to work with.  While she can easily move from the boardroom to street side on your behalf, it’s her passion for what she does that sets her apart (and keeps her up at night).  She’s one of those people that knows her reputation is only as good as the next win, and always strives to have your brand capture the hearts, minds and headlines you deserve.

Having successfully created her own agency and then later selling it, she knows the stress of leading a start-up business.  From there she sold to a large advertising agency, where national brands, particularly packaged goods, were the mainstays. A proponent of “whatever it takes” to deliver the message, expect her to barrel down avenues you may not expect -pull out instruments you’ve never seen or heard played…and WOW you with head-spinning results.

Melissa and her teams are tireless in their exuberant quest for results.  While she considers herself a maverick, your business will be white-gloved managed by senior-level competency. Her network of professionals gives immediate access to decision makers, providing you with insider knowledge and spheres of influence that can make the difference between success and failure.

In a nutshell, Melissa is fearless… and just what you need!