Again, if we look back in time, telling stories has been a way humans communicated history, familial bonds, joined like-minded enthusiasts and in many cases created legends that survive today. It could have been around a fire, over a pint in the local pub or under the covers with a flashlight that kept away the scary monsters. We love to tell stories that connect us.

For us, storytelling is the simplest way to talk about a brand or set the stage for our approach. Here’s an example:

Several years ago, the agency I worked with was presenting logos to a large national real estate developer. The developer was building a high-rise in the Little Italy district of San Diego. This was largely a creative pitch- I was asked to attend the meeting as the head of new business -and I wondered why was I going and what my role would be since our Chief  Creative Officer and his top talents were presenting.

Then it came to me!  Every time I have ever visited San Diego, the first stop my brother and I make (after a crab sandwich loaded with mayonnaise and a cold beer at Point Loma Seafood) is Little Italy. There, we wander up and down the few blocks that make up this charming area, complete with trattorias, bakeries, butchers and delis, and we pick up sweet Gorgonzola cheese, prosciutto, fresh crusty bread and sun-kissed apricots for a picnic on the beach. Looking at the logos and the renderings of the soon to be building, it was clear to me what would sell in the reasoning behind the creative.

That was the story to tell of the people who would live there. A day in the life snap shot:  who were these people, where they worked, ate and played, and what appealed to them. It brought these future residents to life.  It showcased why they would want to live in this building and was reflected in the logo that would capture the brand experience. We used real-life examples of businesses and the area’s many attractions, thereby providing the developer with a story of who his buyers would be and the lifestyle they would be seeking.

It took the presentation from a static logo on a board to a story as rich in detail as their buildings finishing’s. Needless to say, we got the business. THE END.

Let us tell your story with…StoryTIMZ™ our proprietary approach to storytelling. It can be printed, recorded or scripted for video to tell your story in a way that keeps your brand intact and engages the consumer like you have never imagined!

Sample StoryTIMZ

Sample StoryTIMZ